Do you want to FUNraise or Fundraise?


Do you want to Fundraise or Funraise?

Campus Ink fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your organization or charity. We offer this service in order to help our customers in whatever way we can. Our fundraisers are easy to set up and can have a strong impact on your organization. Funraisers on the other hand are a great way to rack up enough money for a barcrawl bar tab or pay for dinner at your yearly family reunion.

How do I start a Fundraiser (/FUNraiser)?

To start a fundraiser you would first contact us about starting an order. Once we get the apparel pieces and designs approved by you we give you the price for each individual piece. From there, your organization will decided on how much money you want to be added on to each piece. The added on price is the amount per piece you will earn towards your fundraiser. After that, we will process the order, get it printed and shipped, and we will write you a check for the amount you earned.

Who are Fundraisers Good For?

Our fundraisers can be good for a multitude of groups. We see a lot of high school booster clubs using fundraisers to raise money for their school sporting teams. Fundraisers are also great for charity events. If an organization plans to order shirts for a charity event, adding a fundraiser to the order its a quick and simple way to raise money for a charity.

Who are FUNraisers Good For?

FUNraisers are perfect for college events like bar crawls. Tack on a few dollars to each shirt and at the end of the order you will have enough money for a bar tab. You can also use these for family reunion shirts. Get rid of the hassle of splitting up the check 5 ways by using money from your order. It will alleviate any awkward money talk so you can enjoy your family time!

How Much Money do Fundraisers Normally Raise?

Our fundraisers typically raise $300-$400. This number can be changed, however based on the number of people placing orders and the price you decide to give products.

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