Top 5 ways to Create a Positive Company Culture


Top 5 ways to Create a Positive Company Culture

Here at Campus Ink, we pride ourselves on having a positive company culture. The members of our team feel like family to one another. This is something we deeply care about and work each day to continue. We feel that when we enjoy coming to work each day, the outcome of our work is greatly improved. Here is a list of the top 5 things we do to keep morale high and our workers happy:

  1. Have a welcoming atmosphere.

    Whenever someone is added to the team we make it a point to get to know them and let them get to know us. We like to do this by doing like having a company wide dinner where new hires can be introduced to the team in a more casual environment that promotes communication and fun. This isn’t just for new hires however, we like to make sure that we are constantly making our employees feel welcomed and appreciated.

  2. Make the work meaningful

    Be sure to give your employees meaningful work. If they feel like what they’re doing isn’t important or adding substance to the company, it is easy to slack off and feel unmotivated. Don’t hire more people than you need and be sure that each member of the team is placed in an area where their specific skill set can be put to use.

  3. Trust your employees.

    Trust your employees and give them enough responsibility so they can make a positive impact on the company themselves.

  4. Designate time for fun and bonding

    Planning different events like dinners or game nights helps employees make relationships with their coworkers. Having strong relationships between coworkers brings you one step closer to a positive company culture.

  5. Spend one on one time with employees.

    It is important to get to know the members of your team and spend one on one time together. At Campus Ink, co owner Steven Farag makes it a point to schedule one on one meeting with each new hire to ensure that they are learn all the moving pieces of the company. This also makes any new hire feel more comfortable in the work environment because they can start to form a relationship with their boss.

These are the main things we do at Campus Ink to keep our company culture as positive as we can. If you use any of these tips for your company, let us know in the comments or reach out on Instagram at or @217ink!

Emily KalerCampus, Community