What is best for you? Direct to Garment vs. Screen Printing


What is best for you? Direct to Garment vs. Screen Printing

When it comes to printing the hundreds of shirts we produce each week, we use a few different methods of printing. There are pros and cons to both ways, and we will describe them all below.

Screen Printing

Screen printing process of printing where a design gets burned onto a treated screen. The treatment that is applied to the screen before the design gets burned allows ink to only pass through the burned areas. Screen printing is a process that is done in layers. Each ink color needs its own screen in order for the design to look as crisp as possible. Screen printing is a great option to use if you have a design that is between 1-5 colors where every element of the design is a solid color. It is also the best option when you have a large quantity of shirts to produce. Traditional screen printing is a quick process that yields great results.

DTG printing

DTG stands for direct to garment. This style of printing is easy to understand if you compare it to the printer you have at home. With DTG printing you are able to print virtually any design no matter how many colors or how detailed the design is. DTG printing is the best best choice if you are looking to print a more intricate design such as a photograph. The biggest challenge with this process is the amount of time it takes. With a standard DTG printer, you are only able to print one shirt at a time, which this usually takes 1-3 minutes.

Here is a video to further explain the process.

Emily Kaler