Holiday Gift Guide


Campus Ink Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is here and its a time for giving and reflecting on gratitude towards the people in your life. Showing your love through the perfect gift can sometimes be hard though. There are so many options and so many people to get gifts for. We’re making an easy to follow gift guide for all the most important people in your life.

For Mom

Moms are special and they deserve more than just a another meaningless present. This is why it’s always a great idea to make your moms Christmas present. You don’t have to be overly artistic to make her something, it just needs to come from the heart. One of the best homemade mom presents is a spa basket. Give your mom some time to relax and wind down. You can easily make your own sea salt body scrub, your own hair mask and your own face mask. Package them in something nice like a mason jar and add in a special letter to remind her of how much you care. She will be overjoyed by the time you spent on her and the details you put into the gift. It’s perfect for any mom.

For Dad

Dad gifts require some different aspects than mom gifts do. First of all take a second to think about your dad and what he truly likes. Is he really into the newest type of coffee? Does he love sports? Find out what it is your dad likes best and tailor your present to that. Some good gifts that almost any dad will love are apparel for his favorite sports team, a new mug, a self brew beer kit or a new set of tools for his collection.

For your Siblings

Siblings can be hard to shop for, especially if you have multiple. You can never go wrong with concert or sporting event tickets though. This may be a more expensive option but completely worth it. On the cheaper end you could get them gift cards to their favorite restaurant or coffee place or a new piece of clothes.

For your friends

Friends are the easiest people to get presents for. One of the best presents for friends is to get them a box full of a few of their favorite things. Maybe a couple packs of their favorite candy, a candle they always have lit and maybe some lotion.

Buying gifts can be hard but it’s important to give something meaningful. Give that person something they need and will find useful. Listen to what they say and listen to the things they talk about wanting. Even if the present you get them isn’t something that would normally be given as a “traditional” Christmas present, if they’ve mentioned wanting it in the past it will lead to a much more meaningful gift.

Emily KalerCampus