Adam LaVitola - Campus Ink Marketing Director and Clubhouse Athletic Founder Makes Chicago 25 under 25

We are extremely excited to announce that Adam LaVitola, founder of Clubhouse Athletic, and Marketing & Brand Director at Campus Ink has been named Chicago Inno’s 25 under 25. Adam joined our team in early 2018 with a vision to bring his custom, cut and sew clothing line to a new level. Adam concurrently began re-building the Campus Ink Brand bringing new life to the company with a new logo, image, website, and marketing plan. Adam is also a leader in our expansion markets, working one-on-one with students to build out our Student Designer Program.

While juggling the work with Campus Ink, Adam streamlined his operation and began building out Clubhouse Athletic. The company strives to offer a unique solution to athletic apparel, primarily in the realm of custom jerseys. Each jersey uses a process called sublimation before it is assembled, and carefully pieced together so that every single feature on the apparel is custom decorated. This decoration method has recently began trending into the U.S markets, and Adam is on the forefront of it. His simple solution gives customers the ability to customize their jerseys for any sport’s team or organization. His team of designers works tirelessly to bring ideas to reality.

Adam has had some recent success with some large customers, namely Barstool Sports, Manila Killa, Vanic, and the Chicago Fire Rec Soccer League. Adam’s company handles the e-commerce, fulfillment, inventory, and shipping issues and allows his customers to bring in residual revenue for their organizations.

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