Class of 2018: Alaina Schneider

Where they are now: Alaina Schneider

Graduate of The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Alaina says, "When I was in college, I was in the School of Art and Design. We had a small chunk of us in Greek life within the school that always squadded up. Broc & TJ, being two of my best friends in and outside of art school, both worked at campus ink. They were two of the first campus reps ever. I always thought what they did was so cool and not only did it give them a window into what a creative career could be like, they also got to know and meet tons of different kinds of people. Naturally, I wanted in. Broc recruited me to be a campus manager there and the rest is history. Even as a 25 year old professional designer, I use skills that I learned through working at Campus Ink everyday. The experience I gained at Campus Ink rivals no other, and the friends I made are quite literally forever, I was at one of their weddings in May! Even to this day, the Director of Industrial Design where I currently work brings up my t-shirt designs to this day from my portfolio when he hired me 3 years ago. Campus Ink, if you invest yourself into the work and the culture, will be a part of you forever for the better."

See what Alaina is up to now. Check out her Instagram @alaina.schneider and LinkedIn

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