Top 5 Accessories for Bid Day

We know accessorizing for bid day is very important. We picked out our top 5 accessories from Amazon to share with you! We picked  accessories that fit a certain theme but most will work for any theme. 



These retro shades would look perfect for a Harley Davidson themed bid day! Pair it with a pair of leather shorts, doc martins, silver jewelry and even a bandana in your hair!

Hair Clips

These hair clips can elevate any outfit! The butterfly clips would be ideal for a butterfly themed bid day. Match it with some butterfly flash tattoos, a ruffled skirt, a pair of white converse, chunky colorful rings and lots of sparkles!

Trucker Hats

We all know Trucker Hats are very trendy this summer! These hats would look great for a beach themed bid day! Take your favorite pair of sweat shorts, I love Aviator Nation, and match it with some braids in your hair, beach slides and a pooka shell necklace! Total beach babe.

Pom Pom Earrings

These earrings are so bold and unique. A blue or white pair would be perfect for an Ice themed bid day. Pair it up with some silver metallic shorts, some icy sneakers, silver jewelry and lots of sparkles. ICE ICE BABY

Rainbow Beaded Necklace

These necklaces are making a come back this summer! A candy land themed bid day would be the perfect way to wear your necklace. Make it fun with some bright shoes, high socks, biker shorts and some over sized lollypops! Maybe add some smiley faces in there as well!

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