The Bid Day Themes You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

Bid Day 2022

Picking a Bid Day theme is one of the most exciting parts of recruitment season. Bid day is the most important day of the year since it's the day each chapter welcomes their new members. A special bid day theme is what can help give each new member the best impression of the chapter they just joined! 

What to Keep in mind

When picking a theme there is a couple things to think of

  • Decorations

  • Accessories

  • Color

  • Gifts

  • Food

Top 5 Bid Day Themes

1. Go Lucky

Give off that exciting energy for your new chapter members and make it feel like St. Patricks day! Everything green and rainbow, leprechauns all around and lucky charms falling from the sky! 

2. Perfect Match

Nothing is more trendy and in style than the preppy tennis look! Pair this theme with a tennis skirt and collared shirt to complete the vibe. Make everything even more fun with adding a ball pit with tennis balls! 

3. Y2K Barbie

Everyone grew up loving barbies so lets bring some flavor into our favorite throwback! Pink galore, cotton candy vibes and sparkles from head to toe! The perfect picture background would be complete with a life size Barbie Box!

4. Happy Bid Day

Make your new members feel as special as they do on their Birthday with this festive theme! Happy 1st Birthday to our new members, celebrate with cake, sparkles and candy. It's going to be the best Birthday party EVER.

5. So this is love.

I don't believe in love at first sight but I do think bid day is the closest it gets. Show those new members why your members have such a love for their chapter with an explosion of hearts. Take on the theme of Valentines day with pinks and reds. 

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