BRAND | How A Local Bar Can Make Money From Merch

BRAND | Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, but it doesn't mean they can't continue serving their customers.
While bars are usually promoting people to go out - we had fun helping KAMS to promote people to stay in. For years KAMS has been a University of Illinois staple. Every student has their own story with the bar. Recently, the iconic building on campus was torn down so that the owners could rebuild. To students, this was a big deal. But, slowly people warmed up to the new KAMS. We could still get our blue guys and we began to form new memories only for COVID-19 to hit - and KAMS was forced to close their doors once again. All of our favorite watering holes now need something to help keep them alive and their legacy going. These businesses are forced to think creatively about their brand during times like these. While KAMS serves people primarily as a bar, we know that their brand is much stronger than just that. While they can't serve drinks, for the time being, we helped find another avenue to share the joy with their customers - merch! Behold the blue guy groutfit. This simple embroidered design is helping ease the pain of missing KAMS and your favorite blue drink.

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