Top 5 Content Creation Apps for PR

Top 5 Content Creation Apps for PR


This is a design layout app where you can use your Instagram feed to organize and plan future posts so that they match your aesthetic. I used this app a lot while running the Instagram for my sorority so that I could make sure all our posts went well together!

Watch a tutorial for UNUM here:

Download UNUM here

2. Tezza

This app was created by one of my favorite influencers, Tessa Barton. Her and her husband created and developed this photo editing app together. There are so many different presets/filters you can use to enrich your photos. There are even more editing opinions like adding animations, graphics and light flares. It is also so easy to use!

Watch a tutorial on how to use Tezza here:

Download Tezza here

3. Unfold

I have created some of the most aesthetically pleasing story collages using Unfold. There are over 300 different layouts that you can use to add depth to your photos. You can even add stickers and text to give your collages more of a pop. My favorite layouts are the ones that make your photos look like they were taken on a Polaroid camera.

Watch a tutorial on how to use Unfold here:

 Download Unfold here

4. PhotoCircle

This app is perfect for sorority social media accounts since it is a private photo sharing platform. There is a code to join that can be sent out to chapter members so that everyone can add their own personal photos that they would like to be shared on the sororities Instagram account. This app made it a lot more convenient for me when I ran my chapters Instagram account since I didn't have several different people texting me photos and it was all in one place so that I could look back through photos and decide which was best fitting for the next post.

Download PhotoCircle here

5. Mojo

This app really takes Instagram stories to the next level by giving them a professional look. Every time I use mojo to create an animated Instagram story people are blown away and think I spent a lot of time animating it. In reality it only takes minutes to create these eye-catching stories. There are hundreds of different templates to choose from!

Watch a tutorial on how to use Mojo here:

Download Mojo here

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