Commonly Asked Questions

Every day we get asked questions about orders, shipments, our process etc. So, we decided to make a commonly asked questions page with a few things we get asked about very frequently. We are always here to answer anything you need!

1. How long does it take for a shirt orders

-It typically takes 7 days for a screen printing order to be completed. If your order contains embroidery expect it to be more like 10 - 14 days.

2. What kind of file do you need for printing
-We need either eps or pdf files.

3. How much will the shirt be
-This really depends on the type of shirt, how many shirts and how many colors of ink/locations are used. It is hard for us to give a quote without knowing these details. For example, some shirt brands are more expensive as others, if you go with a Bella Canvas shirt, the price will be a little bit higher than if you use a Gildan shirt. Also, the price will increase with the more ink colors used.

4. Do we charge for creating and editing art
-Most of the time we do not charge for creating and editing your art work, it's included in the price. However, if the design is very detailed and time consuming we could decide to charge.

5. Can we used the online store platform
-Yes! Anyone can use our online store platform but we do have guidelines that customers should abide by.

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