DESIGN | 9 Custom Promo Products Your Chapter Needs

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most!😊

Promo products are often overlooked when searching for new items for your sorority or fraternity, but we believe that they can really add some style. Here's a list of nine promo product items that we've picked out and think are the best.

1. Canvas Tote Bag

These bags are super practical, great for events, and can be screen printed on to make them your own. Take it to the store to load your groceries into, or even use it as a backpack to take to class.

2. Keychains and Bottle Openers

Because the S-Biner Keychain can be opened on both sides, it’s extremely easy to hook onto your keys on one side and then to your backpack on the other side. They also double as a bottle opener, which you never know when that might come in handy.

3. Glass Water Bottle

What better way to increase your daily water intake than from this super cute and sleek glass water bottle.

4. Buttons

These are great for bid day, and can be pinned to backpacks after so you’re always repping your letters.

5. Stickers

Get creative with sticker ideas that aren’t just your organization’s name. For sororities, big and littles can get matching stickers, or even go with your school's mascot to show your pride.

6. Frisbees

Whether you’re a pro at frisbee or even have a dog who loves to play, you can never go wrong with a custom frisbee.

7. Socks

What better way to complete your cozy zoom-from-home outfit than some personalized socks.

8. Bucket Hats

Another great item that can save any bad hair day!

9. Flags

Custom flags can spruce up any blank wall with style. They also make great props in recruitment videos and more.

All items are super customizable and great additions to any events you're throwing or bid day or if you just want some new swag. Check out our video below to hear Emily explain more about our promo items. Ready to order your own items? Start an order with us now!

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