DESIGN | How To Make Custom Zoom Backgrounds With Canva

Creating Zoom backgrounds with Canva

Recruitment this fall is going to look a little different than previous years. Here is how to upload custom Zoom backgrounds when doing virtual recruitment using Canva!

1. Use Templates

Using Templates is a great place to start. Canva will provide the style and colors for you. Then, custom with your chapter, university or quote!

2. Add a Custom Background

Customizing the background of the slide is a great way to add your style into it. I Googled pink marbled background for this image.

  • Google a cute background
  • Upload into Canva
  • Set as background image

3. Use Your Chapters Logo

Using your chapter's logo is a simple way to keep it professional. For this I googled Zeta Tau Alpha logo and copied it into canva. Then customized with 'virtual recruitment 2020' underneath.

4. Use Shapes In Canva

For this design I started with a blank canvas and pulled shapes from Canva presets.

  • Choose a personalized font
  • Add in different elements
  • Resize and organize on page
  • Pick a color scheme and change shapes to that

I hope these tips and tricks will help your virtual recruitment stand out! If you need help or would like a custom background made feel free to reach out at

Written by Haley Allen

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