DESIGN | How to Tie Dye

Pick out your garment.

  1. Items that are 100% cotton work best! Now is also the time to decide if you will be bleach dying or color dying. Your shirt color will depend on that!

Get your dye ready!

  1. Mix your dye and put it into a smaller squeeze bottle and set aside.

Tie your shirt

  1. There are many ways to do this stage and it will depend on the outcome you’re looking for. Today we’re going to talk about the classic twist the dye.
  2. Pick a starting point and begin twisting the shirt until it’s twisted into a circle.
  3. Secure with rubber bands
  4. Now take your rubber bands and begin placing them around the shirt to hold it in place. Place them so they look like pizza slices.

Dye the shirt!

  1. Make sure you’re doing this outside, in a bathtub, in a sink or over a covered and protected surface!
  2. Take the twisted shirt and begin covering it in your dye. Even if the outside is completely covered there will still be white inside!
  3. If you are using multiple colors, alternate them between the different rubber band marks.

Let sit overnight

  1. It’s important to let your tie-dye sit overnight. This will help the color be vibrant and long-lasting.

Remove rubber bands and wash your tee!

  1. First things first, take the rubber bands off the shirt.
  2. Next, rinse it under some cool water so the colors don’t bleed in the wash.
  3. Next, throw it in the wash!

Dry it.

  1. Throw it in the dryer!

Wear it!

  1. Put on your new shirt and enjoy it!

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