Making Money Easy in College

How I Started  

My first introduction to Campus Ink came as I approached my second semester of freshmen year. A girl in my sorority has been a student designer for them and mentioned Campus Ink was hiring new student designers for the spring. Getting to design custom merchandise for people, organizations, or places was something I knew I’d be passionate about, so I applied. 

After becoming a student designer, I began the 8-week Student Designer Program with students just like me learning the fundamentals of Campus Ink and how to design and sell. After just a couple of training weeks, I had already put in my first order. 

With the help of my Campus Sales Manager Broc, I and Amelie Timonen created a sweat set for our pledge class. It was a huge success and is still the best feeling to see girls wearing them around campus or in pictures.



The Student Designer Program 

When starting as a Student Designer you are assigned a Campus Sales Manager. Your CSM is always there to help with orders, questions, design, etc.. From there an 8-week training program begins. Each week I was given a training course to complete on my own, followed up with a scheduled group meeting with CSM’s and new Student Designers. 

College can be very time-consuming, but I always found myself being able to do the weekly training assignments on time as they are quick and straightforward. Overall, being a full-time student while beginning at Campus Ink has been very manageable and doesn’t add to the daily grind of college.   

During the first half of the Student Designer Program, I learned about sales. This includes understanding how to gather prospects, negotiate, and reach out to potential customers and continue to follow up with them. The sales section expanded my ability to think of sales in a creative way. As a freshman pursuing a business degree, being a Student Designer has given me real-world experience that allows me to feel confident as I pursue a future in sales. 

The second half of the program is all about learning design. One of my biggest worries starting out as a Student Designer was that I had no prior design experience, but this part of the program gave me all the tools and resources I needed in order to start designing. Not only did I learn the basics of designing in Adobe Illustrator, but I received a deeper understanding of the elements and principles of design and now value how important each one is in designing something great.


One of My First Orders 

As a Student Designer, I create custom apparel for organizations and companies. One of the most interesting orders I have worked on was with a new app to create shirts for a promotional event they were having. In terms of the design, we were given a lot of creative freedom which allowed us to come up with possible slogan ideas for them. Getting a chance to work with a company like this showed me the possibilities are endless for who you can work with as a Student Designer.


Growth at Campus Ink

This summer, I am very excited to be working as a Marketing Intern for Campus Ink in Chicago. As a Marketing Intern, I get to make engaging content for the Campus Ink socials, come up with creative promotional ideas, do social media analytics, build upon customer relationships, and generate emails and blog posts just like this! Working as a Student Designer has led me to this and so many more amazing opportunities. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

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