Finals Survival Guide

Finals are here and we are stressed. Projects, papers, exams, summer internships, there is a lot on our college-aged minds these days. With so much happening stress is inevitable. It’s hard to try to keep up with everything going on, so we are here to at least help you get through finals week. Most of these tips are things you already know, but have maybe forgotten in the fog of everything else. So, take a second, give yourself a break, and read our tips and tricks to help keep you sane during this finals week.

1. Get a good nights sleep
Sleep is so important for brain productivity. You can’t expect yourself to do better on exams if you stayed up studying all night. Instead, start studying in advance and work through your material a little at a time. Check out this video to learn more about the importance of sleep.

2. Eat healthy
Eating healthy and getting enough sleep can go hand in hand. As the video above stated, lack of sleep can lead to you craving high fat and high carbohydrate foods. A study by RMIT University in Australia stated that “junk food can reduce neuroplasticity, the process that allows our brains to store our experiences as memories.” Lay off the junk food and instead make it a point to stock your cabinets with some healthy options. Fruits and vegetables are a good place to start. For more help, check out this article by Spoon University called “A Beginners Guide to Eating Your Way Through Finals Week”

3. Spend some time outside
Being cooped up in a Library for all hours of the day isn’t especially good for our physical and mental health. Not only are you getting fresh air and some good ole vitamin D, being outdoors can actually restore your focus. Take consistent breaks and go for a walk around the block or simply take a second to sit on the quad and enjoy nature! Check out this Mental Floss article to learn more about the benefits of being outdoors.

4. Less caffeine more water
Caffeine is very dehydrating and can often lead to an energy crash and feelings of anxiety. Although it is a great shortcut for improved short term performance, it can start weighing on your body if you’ve had too much. Instead of that third cup of coffee, instead, reach for a tall glass of water. After all, our bodies are made up of 60% water so how you can expect everything to function correctly without it? Staying hydrated can increase energy and brain function, two important things for finals week. We aren’t suggesting you stop drinking coffee and switch fully to water, but we are suggesting you find a nice balance between the two.

5. Decompress
Overworking your body and mind will not help you achieve your maximum potential. We all need to take some time to decompress and relax. In advance, schedule breaks for yourself where you can either nap, watch a movie or spend time with friends. Get your mind off the stress of finals for a little so you can relax and come back to your studying with a fresh sense of motivation. Finals week can be hard, but you can do it!

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