Guide to being a Rho Gamma

Guide to being a Rho Gamma - With Jessie Martinez

Introducing Jessie Martinez, The Vice President of College Panhellenic Council and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta at Illinois State University. Jessie has been apart of Alpha Gamma Delta since 2018, she is now approaching her Senior year. Last year, Jessie Martinez temporarily disaffiliated herself from Alpha Gamma Delta so that she could become a Rho Gamma.

What being a Rho Gamma means to Jessie

Jessie decided that she wanted to be a Rho Gamma so that she could help Potential new members find the home that was fit for them throughout the process of recruitment. Even though 2020 recruitment was virtual, Jessie still feels as if she connected with the potential new members. Jessies goal is to be a positive light while having a voice for her chapter and the community. 

In the past, the amount of Rho Gammas per Chapter didn't equally represent all the different chapters on campus. This caused an unfair advantage for the chapters that had more Rho Gamma women than others. One of Jessies priorities when coming into her position was that every chapter was represented equally in the community. Some issues would come across when some houses had many more applications for Rho Gammas compared to others. Jessie is trying to encourage more people to want to apply to be a Rho Gamma so that there can be a even number of women represented from each chapter on campus. 

Jessie values making sure that not only her chapter is growing but more so that the whole community is growing. She believes that if just her chapter is growing then it is not benefitting the whole entire University. With being a Rho Gamma, Jessie believes that she is ensuring that every chapter is getting the most amount of Women that they can get. Just because Jessie is comfortable in her own chapter doesn't mean that every other women is comfortable there. Being a Rho Gamma helps show women which house of the 13 on campus they can feel the most comfortable, welcome and have the best connections. 

How has it been working with Campus Ink?

Haley, head of Marketing at Campus Ink, has been making all the merchandise for College Panhellenic Council at Illinois State for the past 3 years. Jessie explains how every design she has sent Haley/Campus Ink has all turned out exactly how she wanted with no problems. 

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