How Broc Sold $300K of Merchandise in College Without Any Experience

Building Relationships with Customers When Nothing Seems to Be Working. A story about how Broc Anthony built his book of business as an 18-year-old in college.

Broc started with Campus Ink when he was a young 18 year old attending the University of Illinois. He’s outgoing, he’s sociable, and a good time to be around. He naturally captures the attention of any room he walks into. So the story I’m about to tell you will most likely not surprise you but is a great example of how to build relationships with customers. 

Broc went door to door of sorority houses and brought them cookie cakes with writings saying “Happy Holidays (insert sorority name)”. And let me tell you it was a hit. He also gifted said sororities with fanny packs for spring break. They loved him, he went out of his way to let them know he appreciated them and their business. These simple tasks took no more than 2 hours out of his day, yet they went so far to the people receiving them. 

Take Care of Your Customers

Nowadays there are so many tactics and strategies out there but why not resort to the simple ones that show your customers you care about them as people. We do this with our students. We start every meeting with positive things from everyone, we take a second to care about them before we care about what business they bring to our company. “Take care of the people in your circle” is something Steven Farag said once that I carry with me. If your people are not taken care of, your coworkers, business partners, customers, etc. Then what's the point? 

Build Trust

This looks different with each interaction and individual. Some of my students like to get right down to business and some would rather talk to me about their personal life, interacting with them on whatever level they need that day builds trust and meaningful interactions. Both important. Teaching my students these skills is important because we aren’t trying to just teach sales and design. We are trying to teach them how to be decent humans, which many of them already excel at and it makes our jobs easier and more enjoyable.


Figure out your customer's needs, and build those long-lasting relationships. It makes everyone's time more enjoyable and productive. Buy them a cookie cake for their next work event or give them a phone call and ask how their day is going before jumping right into business. Being a nice human goes a long way. 

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