How to manage multiple jobs while in college and working at Campus Ink

Get to know Jill Mathison

Jill is a born and raised Nebraska girl. She attends The University of Nebraska studying advertising/marketing, public relations, along with some extra minors. Jill is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta at Nebraska. She said being in the sorority has helped her take her Campus Ink sales to the next level. Her first semester at Campus Ink, Jill sold over $15,000 worth of sales. Selling that much would make one think that she only spends her time working for Campus Ink, FALSE.

Jill has 3 other jobs while working at Campus Ink.

1. Red Bull

Jill is a Red Bull Energy drink ambassador, this means she attends events and does university sales that support brand awareness and marketing tactics. This has helped Jill build connections and understand the importance of branding and marketing. 

2. Golf Course

She manages the beverage cart at Tregaron Golf Course. This job takes up a lot of Jill's time since she has to be serving golfers on the course pretty often. Jill drives a golf cart around the course and supplies beverages for thirsty golfers on hot summer days. 

3. The Railyard Event intern

The Railyard is an event space in downtown Lincoln, it is the headquarters for watching sports entertainment. Jill helps plan events by ordering, planning and organizing the necessary products to help the events run smoothly. 

Jill proves that you can have multiple jobs at once and still be able to handle the role of being a Campus Ink student designer. 

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