Illinois Marathon and Campus

Spring is here and that means it’s time for the Illinois Marathon. Campus Ink has been apart of the marathon for years. Campus Ink owners Jedd and Tom and been part owners of the marathon for almost a decade.

For this year's marathon, Campus Ink has printed roughly 20,000 shirts and hundreds of signs and banners. Look out for a Campus Ink booth that will be printing on-site personalized shirts.

The Illinois Marathon is locally owned, because of this it helps our community in so many ways. Local sponsors get to help advertise their companies, people from all over come to visit central Illinois and it helps boost our local economy.

Race weekend officially begins today, April 26th. Tonight at 7:30pm (CT) the 5k walk/run begins. Tomorrow morning (April 27th) the Wheelchair Half Marathon begins at 7:01am, the Marathon, Marathon Relay and Half Marathon begin at 7:03am and the 10K Run/Walk starts at approximately 7:35 am. You can view the whole schedule for the weekend here.

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