Impressions Expo Long Beach 2022

On January 21-23,2022, our team traveled to Long Beach California for the Impressions Expo Convention!

The first show for the team was a success! We met other shops, bettered our craft, and trained with each other. It's great getting to network in this industry but even better than that is making connections - it’s about building memories and community together through creative work (and maybe some drinks).

This trip was a chance for our team to catch up, share ideas and grow. We took Saturday morning as an opportunity in particular that allowed us all sorts of new perspectives on how we work together as one unit - both externally with business prospects but also internally by getting better acquainted with each others' processes.

Team Takeaways 

Steven Farag, Co-Owner of Campus Ink 

“Long Beach was an opportunity for us to come together and begin working on our 2022 vision and long-term plans with the company. Campus Ink has drastically changed, grown, and adapted in the last 3+ years to the new world we live in. This was our first opportunity to be completely together to focus on our vision and values. It was an incredible experience.”

Mike O’Neill, Creative Account Manager 

Mike started his position in August 2021 and is quickly taking on new leadership roles. He expressed, “The convention in Long Beach was a great opportunity for us to discuss areas of improvement. As our team grows, we want to create a structure that sets us up for success.”

Jenna Koss, Corporate and Community Engagement Manager

“Traveling 3,000 miles from home with 10 of the best co-workers was career-changing and motivating. witnessing pros in action as well as networking for some great opportunities has been an experience I’ll never forget! Thankful that we lead by teaching here at our company because these types of experiences make a difference."

Cregan Billheymer, Lead Screen Printer

"It was amazing to meet other screen printers and see all of the new, improved equipment available. I also loved talking with experts in my field about ways that can help improve myself as well. One thing which stood out for me on this trip though is just how connected we feel here at these conferences - everyone has their own story but they're able to share them freely without judgment or criticism so you get valuable insights into each other's processes."

Haley Allen, Marketing / Collegiate Sales Manager

“My favorite part was the Bella + Canvas booth, they had live printing, pastel apparel, and rollerbladers!” Haley says, “Traveling to the convention with my team was a great experience. We were able to build an even stronger foundation for our upcoming chapter and find new wholesale vendors. I enjoyed connecting with other industry professionals that I’ve been following on social media!”

“We have a pop-up store in Chicago coming in March 2022, so I was able to look at how our favorite vendors curated their booths and gain inspiration for marketing assets.”

Broc Anthony, Collegiate Sales Manager

"I loved meeting new contacts and exploring the retail scene at this year's Impressions Expo. My favorite part was picking up some fresh ideas that will help both ourselves and our customers stay ahead of trends!"

Jess Feldman, Collegiate Sales Manager

“It was great to explore new products and suppliers at the trade show. I loved opening accounts with the companies we hadn't worked together before, and that turned out to be a great opportunity for us! The supply chain can get backed up in some areas so it's always helpful to have multiple options.” 

Yasmin Marrero, Collegiate Sales Manager

“The best part about Long Beach was the opportunity to walk the convention center and speak to suppliers about Campus Ink, find new and upcoming wholesale merchandise, and create connections. I had some amazing conversations and the opportunity to meet people in the industry from all over the country it was so exciting.”

Myla Stacy, Production Manager

“Seeing the industry in different depths was eye-opening, and experiencing this trip with my co-workers certainly topped the trip. I’ve been given the unique advantage to have worked in all areas of Campus Ink, so applying my knowledge and connecting it with ways to learn at the Expo was encouraging.”

The 2022 Impressions Expo was an amazing experience and we are so grateful for the opportunity to have attended. It was a great chance for our team to get out of our comfort zones, talk with experts in our field, and collect some fresh ideas for marketing assets.  

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