Meet Haley Allen

Haley Allen is our Marketing Director here at Campus Ink! She graduated from Illinois State University where she majored in Graphic Design and Communications. Haley started working at Campus Ink as a Student Designer in 2017, she has come a long way from there. Her first order she only sold 6 hats... after her last 4 years at Campus Ink she has sold over $160K worth of merchandise! Campus Ink is where Haley was introduced to Graphic Design. After her first year at Campus Ink she realized graphic design was her passion so she switched her major. 

Leadership Skills 

By Sophomore year Haley started to build a team at ISU. By the time it was Senior year she was helping the younger student designers by teaching them design and the different software we use.

Haley says, the best part about being a Campus Ink Student Designer is that you can pick your own schedules, it is genuinely fun, and make lasting friendships and great connections. She also says, the best part is that you get to be creative while getting paid for it.

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