Meet the Team: Adam Cook, Director of Athlete Development & Partnerships

Get to know Adam Cook 

I am a former collegiate athlete and coach who doesn’t only enjoy sport as competition and community but loves to see the way that it can impact the world and drive positive change. My dad was also a collegiate coach and athletic director so I feel like I’ve spent more time in gyms and on fields than I have anywhere else. Currently, I live in downtown Chicago with my wife of 4 years and 3 month old son.

Position / Job Title: 

Director, Athlete Development & Partnerships

Summary of Job Title:  

I oversee all of our strategy around helping to build athlete brands, marketing, sponsorship, and content. I spend most of my day researching or talking with athletes and organizations about how we can best support merchandising opportunities in the college NIL space as well as professional markets.

What you’re most excited to do at Campus Ink?

I love the opportunity to help student-athletes take advantage of new opportunities to monetize their influence. The collegiate merchandise space isn’t new but as a former collegiate athlete myself, being able to bring the individuals into this world and allow them to learn new skills and make money while they do it is really rewarding.

Where are you from? 

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

What was your previous career?

I was a collegiate volleyball coach as well as having worked in international sport programs, and career education.

Where do you work from (remote or office): 

I split my time between working from home and our Chicago office.

What is your favorite part about Chicago:  

My favorite thing about Chicago is the history and diversity. I love that wherever you are in the city, there is a community that has an incredible story you can learn from. From sports to music or art and food, you get the feeling that what you’re experiencing in Chicago has stood the test of time.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago: 

Oh my goodness, do I have to pick one? I feel like we’re so lucky living in the golden age of the Chicago food scene. Quick casual eats I’m going with Twin Anchors in Old Town. Amazing ribs, old Chicago vibes, and cheap drinks. What more could you ask for?


Besides playing in rec leagues, I really like to cook. My wife and I just had a baby so dinner time looks a lot different these days but cooking is something that we both enjoy and can all do together as a family.

A surprising fact about yourself:

I had the opportunity to work as a fine-dining cook for a year.


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