Being in a Sorority During the Pandemic with Lily Podracky

Get to Know Lily Podracky

Lily is entering her 3rd year at the University of Georgia in Athens where she is a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Along with Campus Ink, Lily is an ambassador for Bumble and works at a resale boutique on campus. Campus Ink is the perfect place for Lily to expand her strengths in design that she had learned while designing for her high school magazine. 

Sorority Life for Lily

"Living in the sorority house sophomore year was the biggest blessing." Lily talks about how she believes people should still go through the recruitment process regardless of the pandemic. Recruitment was modified to be completely virtual and even though it is not exactly the same as in-person-recruitment it still opens up opportunities to meet new people. Lily explains, Georgia's recruitment process starts before classes begin. So by the time classes start you have met people rather than starting classes alone. 

Like recruitment Lily says being a part of Campus Ink gave her a team to work along side and express her creative side. Even though she has not been able to be in an order due to events being cancelled she is looking forward to continuing to create custom apparel. 


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