Student Designer Spotlight: Olivia Bloemke

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Olivia Bloemke

School: University of Illinois

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertising, Business Minor

Favorite order: Although it is simple I liked doing the THETA sweatshirt with the stars or the Theta Grilled Cheese Shirt

What I have learned as a Student Designer: I have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and how to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients

Favorite aspects of the job: I love working with and being surrounded by motivated college students as well as being able to reach out and ask questions to anyone at any time of day

Funny Campus Ink story: As I was overseeing my house’s philanthropy event, Theta Grilled Cheese, a student walked in wearing a design I had made for my brothers fraternity at The University of Missouri. It was funny to see my design from a different campus all the way over here! He happened to know my brother and was visiting friends for the weekend.


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