Student Designers 🤝 Student Atheltes

Campus Ink values young entrepreneurs. We build young professionals. We elevate them by teaching college students sales and design in the Student Designer Program. This gives students the opportunity to learn real communication skills, build their confidence, book of business, make money, and learn design. We always put our students first. 

When NCAA passed the NIL laws, allowing student-athletes to make money off their name, image, and likeness, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to continue to elevate students. We now advance student-athletes, teach them similar communication skills, how to make money, and work with professionals while being student-athletes. 

The two programs, Student Designer and NIL Brands go hand in hand. Our Student Designers reach out to Student-Athletes to start working together. They build out their brands together, design apparel, logos, and graphics for socials, and communicate closely. This creates relationships between the two and builds a community whether they are on the same campus or across states. We believe in elevating college students to grow into young professionals. 

To learn more about the Student Designer Program read more here. 

To learn more about the NIL Store read more here. 

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