"The Ideal College Job" - Jason Wood

Get to know Jason Wood

Jason Wood, a incoming senior at Northwestern, has been a part of Campus Ink since day one. Starting off his Student Design career in 2018, Jason realized the importance of Campus Ink. Jason explains how Campus Ink has been the place for him to express his passion for fashion and design.

This summer, Jason is working for MetLife insurance where he is a part of the Group Benefits Sales Program. With his internship, Jason is learning how MetLife's sale processes work, and coming up with solutions and ideas on how to improve their approaches to new potential clients.

Why Campus Ink is the perfect college job

Being a student at Northwestern, comes with a large work load, however Jason has found that Campus Ink is the ideal job for a busy college student. Jason says, "Campus Ink was the ideal college job." It is super flexible with his schedule that includes, homework, tests, being social, sporting events etc.

The best part is that with Campus Ink you never have to clock in at a certain hour, you choose the times that work best for you. This job was even more fun for Jason since he has a passion for design. It combined something that he loves to do in his free time with money. Getting paid to explore a hobby while picking your own schedule felt like a "god sent" for Jason and he could not be happier to work with Campus Ink. 


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