The Zoom Room - Customer Edition: California Wildfire Relief Fundraiser with Maddie Hughes


In this video and the accompanying blog, learn how Maddie Hughes of University of Wisconsin Madison helped raise $1300 for the California Wildfire Relief fund via an apparel fundraiser. 

Student Designer and Marketing Intern - Katherine Buchanan - interviews Maddie about how her and Henry Gustafson (Student Designer, Campus Ink) worked together to bring her vision to life.




Katherine: Hello everybody! So today I am here with Maddie and she is going to talk about one of the really interesting fundraisers that she did through Campus Ink. So Maddie if you just want to introduce yourself, talk a little bit about it, say where you’re from...Just go right ahead!

Maddie: Yeah! My name is Maddie I am a junior at Wisconsin Madison and I am from San Francisco, California and since being from California, a lot of my friends and family are affected by the wildfires that kept persisting in this year, and they’ve been happening for a few years now. And they have been super devastating to the California community and I wanted to do something that helped raise money for the wildfire--and what helped raise money for wildfire relief. 

And so I found this wildfire relief fund called “California Wildfire Relief Fund.” And I was like donating money to them and stuff...But I was thinking how can I spread the message about this more...And I saw one of my friends wearing these sweatpants that looked really cool, and I was like “Oh where did you get those?” And he was like “They are for wildfire relief in Australia.” And they had all these cool “Save Australia” and Australia Flags--and I was like those are really cool, and you know, during quarantining everyone wants to wear sweats all the time, and I was like that is such a good idea...I am going to do that for California Wildfires. So that is why I wanted to create these sweats, and yeah! Campus Ink helped me do that!

How the design was made

Katherine: That’s really cool, I really think it’s awesome that you had that idea, especially just with everything going on right now--like it’s super crazy. So, how did you actually get in touch with Campus Ink and how did you hear about us? 

Maddie: Yeah, so I absolutely had no idea how to figure out how to like actually put my design idea onto sweats, and I was talking to my friend who's in my sorority with me who is in charge of our merch orders for DG, and she was like, “Oh! I work with Campus Ink!” And actually, our friend Henry Gustafson works there and he and I are good friends and so I reached out to him and I was like “Hi, I hear you work at Campus Ink, do you think you could help me design some sweats?” And he was like “Yeah, for sure!” 



And he helped me figure out that I could also donate the money directly from the Campus Ink website to the California Wildfire relief fund, and so he made it super easy for me. 

Fundraising Breakdown

Katherine: Yeah! So I think that is something really cool that Campus Ink does have to offer--it makes it super easy to fundraise on both sides. How much of the percentage from each pair of sweats went to the fund that you picked? 

Maddie: So, these numbers are kind of random but it was 22% of the hoodies, and then 33% of the sweatpants, so in total we raised $1,300 for wildfires. 

Katherine: Oh my gosh! That’s crazy, that really awesome, oh my gosh!

Maddie: Yeah, I know! Super awesome. 

Katherine: So did you come up with the design, like how did that process work for you? 

Maddie: Yeah, so I have seen this little bear holding the California state with the “I love you California” all over California, and so I researched like common California logos and this whole logo--the bear and the I love you California is like a regional anthem for California that talks about how beautiful the state is and like I guess they sing this song for funerals for California governors and like politicians and stuff and it’s a very important symbol of California and I really liked the design idea. And then on the sides, these are California poppies which I feel like--they are the state flower they represent like hope and strength and so I wanted to kind of incorporate all of that and touch on the wildfires and pay tribute to the firefighters--I put this little.... if you can see...this little firefighter helmet on the bear. So, it’s kind of all different California symbols plus the little wildfire


Katherine: That’s awesome! So basically did you just talk to Henry about like your vision and then he put it all together? 

Maddie: Yeah! I had this super rough draft of what I thought would look cool, and he was like, “Okay, let me--let me do a little something with it, help you out, and then send it back to you.” We collaborated a lot, and it was super awesome working with him because we were in touch a lot about what he thought was a good design idea and then I’d be like “Okay I really like that, but can we change this to that” and he was just super easy to work with and the website--the Campus Ink website had so many different options for like which color I wanted the sweats to be, and so he made it super simple and I definitely could not have just done this on my own. 

Katherine: Yeah, I really do think it’s such a nice thing that we have like students, because I feel like it’s easy to get in touch with, and just the fact that you kind of feel like it’s your design as well...even if you didn’t necessarily put all the pieces together, you came up with it, you collaborated and it does still feel like your own, so I feel like that is something toot that is super rewarding for our customers. 

Maddie: Totally!

Katherine: I’m happy to hear that you really enjoyed how it came out, like it looks great! Like that’s awesome!

Maddie: Thank you! Yeah, it was super rewarding because I don’t know, I would walk around, like the first day I got the sweats and my sister was in town and all my roommates who had also ordered the sweats and we like walked around Madison in our sweats like showing them off, and we got so many compliments--like “that is such a cool design” like “that is such high quality material” and I was like-- I am really proud that I did this, but like it was so awesome to have Henry just walk me through all of it, help me out with all of it because it looks a lot better than I could have done. 

Katherine: Yeah, and I didn’t even think about that too like being from California but like also going to school in Wisconsin, I’m sure you were able to get a bunch of different people from honestly all over to support.

Maddie: Yeah, honestly it’s kind of funny I marketed them mostly through my Instagram which is people from home and my school, and people would repost my stories--friends of friends of friends eventually got the link to this and I’ll see on like random peoples Snapchats and stuff like their friend wearing a hoodie or sweatpants and I don’t even know them, and I am like, oh my gosh that’s crazy that reached out that far over social media. 

Katherine: Yeah, that is super nice--that is one thing that we do for those people who don’t know, we just send an online store so it’s super easy to access, you can literally link it to your Instagram, your Snapchat, Facebook, anything...It’s super easy to share around and it also does let you know when the store closes which is super nice too because I think that it helps people actually order it because they see “Oh, I only have this much time left” So, it’s super easy and simple!

Maddie: Super easy! Totally!

Katherine: Well, I am so happy that you met with me today, I really think you had a lot of great things to say, and obviously the cause that you donated all of the money to is amazing and I love the design. 

Maddie: Thank you!

Katherine: Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! And just talk about it!

Maddie: Yeah, thank you Katherine, thanks for reaching out and coordinating this. 

Katherine: I saw it and I was like, this is amazing and I just want to highlight it because it’s definitely something that literally anybody can do without design experience--they just have to find a designer and then watch your apparel come to life!

Maddie: Yeah! Thank you so much! That’s very sweet of you!

Katherine: Of course! Thank you!




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