The Zoom Room - Customer Edition: Chi Omega, ISU + Make A Wish

Welcome to our digital interview series - The Zoom Room! 

In this video and the accompanying blog, learn how Trisha Fischer of Chi Omega Illinois State University helped raise $550 for their March Madness event supporting Make A Wish Illinois

Student Designer and Marketing Intern - Katherine Buchanan - interviews Trisha (Philanthropy Director, Chi Omega ISU) about how her and Gabby Parks (Student Designer, Campus Ink) worked together to bring her vision to life.




Katherine: Hi everybody! So, today I am here with Trisha and she is just going to talk a little bit about some of the orders that she did for her sorority, so Trisha if you wanna just take it away…

Trisha: Hi! I’m Trisha Fischer, I am the philanthropy director for Chi Omega at ISU. Our philanthropy is Make-A-Wish Illinois and we’ve had a lot of great experiences with fundraising and Campus Ink. 

Katherine: So how did you hear about Campus Ink? 

Trisha: One of our members actually works for Campus Ink, so she was able to hook us up with a lot of fundraising opportunities, and she was kind of our source for everything that we needed. 

Katherine: Yeah so super easy to get in touch with--which is nice! So can you talk a little bit about your apparel that you did for the Make-A-Wish foundation? 

Trisha: Yeah! So we have the event every year called “March Madness” and it’s basically a Greek wide dance competition, and to promote that event we like to wear shirts with the dates on it and stuff, and last year our event was supposed to be--with COVID we had to cancel it, but it was heroes vs. villains, and we made a March Madness Marvel themed shirt, and that was a great way for us to raise a little extra money while promoting the event. I think that we raised an extra 550 dollars from that order alone which is really cool and it was great to have an easy way to raise money while promoting our event for a real big fundraiser. 

Katherine: That’s really nice oh my gosh! So, for the designs that you did, did you come up with the idea with Gabby, or like how did that process look for you? 

Trisha: I am not a good designer at all--I have a vision, I can’t really make it come to life, so having Gabby there is a huge help. I was able to tell her the route I wanted to go and she was able to put it on paper, make it look great, and then it was actually very helpful having someone who's actually good at that stuff. 

Katherine: Oh my gosh, that is something that is super nice too because it is hard to design something when you don’t have experience and just being able to work with somebody and then have your ideas be brought to life is super nice. So what sorts of things did you tell her when you were working on this item? 

Trisha: Well again I wanted like the Marvel looking theme--and so then we took the lettering from Marvel, and put March Madness on there, and I wanted to make sure that all of the groups that were participating got recognition, so she was able to put them on the back looking like credits--like movie credits which I thought was a super cute idea, and yeah I really loved it! And again--I think working with college students on designs like this was very easy because I could just text her, or screenshot something I find on the internet and be like wait this would be cute on here. And it’s an easy way--a very relaxed process and again, she was really helpful!



The Front of The Chi Omega Make a Wish Tee 

Katherine: Yeah! And then you said you fundraised too so it’s nice that you had the option also, design something with us and then raise money for your organization so it’s kind of like a 2 in 1 thing that I feel like helps our customers want to come back which is awesome. What was your favorite experience. Was it, you know, seeing the design process with Gabby or was it when you got the shirt? What sorts of things did you feel like were most rewarding for you? 


The Back of The Chi Omega Make a Wish Tee 


Trisha: Well honestly, having this position is a very high stress position, and so being able to kind of just trust someone else to kind of put my vision into action was great. It was a really easy process, and I’ve worked with other companies before, and it was nice especially having her be in our chapter, it was very easy to work with her. I’ve known other people who work for Campus Ink and they’re all super helpful and how easy of a process it is, is what the best part for me. 

Katherine: That’s awesome! Well thank you so much for meeting with me today, I really appreciate all of the things that you had to say, and I am so happy that your order turned out so well, and that it was a hit with your fundraiser too, so I appreciate it!

Trisha: Yeah! Thank you so much!

Katherine: Of course!




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