Tips For School & Community Orders

Back to school is coming very quickly, here are Steven’s top 6 tips to keep your booster club order running smoothly.

1. Plan custom orders ahead of time

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to make sure your order will be on time. We can set up appointments and timelines for all the steps in creating an order so you know everything is being taken care of.

2. Find great products

Spend time finding great new products. Take time to go through our catalogs and you will find great new options your organization will love. Also, take into account that all ages might be ordering.

3. Simple is better, less is more

It may be overwhelming to narrow down your design and items, but it will help customers avoid decision paralysis. Spend time on quality products and designs that all ages will love.

4. Be ready for open house

You can use your open house to market your online store and offer fittings with sample pieces by having your online store open already. By planning ahead and following a timeline, you can gain more orders at your event.

5. Market and promote

Make sure to send out the link to your online store on all of your channels and social media platforms to make sure everyone has a chance to order. Post in Facebook groups and don’t forget about sending out emails.

6. Fundraise

Did you know that we offer fundraising? Let us know ahead of time and we can build an additional cost into each item, so at the end of the store we will write your booster a check.

We also bag and tag every order, which will make the distribution process even easier. Each bag contains the items ordered with the students information on it, which could be their name and homeroom. This will cut any confusion or mix ups with the order, and will guarantee each student gets exactly what they ordered.

Don’t wait, start getting in touch with us now!

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