Tour Our Screen Printing Facility!

Bruce from Printavo finally get a chance to visit Campus Ink’s new facility in Champaign, IL. Campus Ink’s enterprising and resourceful team built a screen printing, DTG, signage and heat press production facility with an eye toward growth.

Steven just got a split-belt M&R dryer that helps them cure two different types of ink at the same time. They were fortunate enough to find a building that had been used to make semiconductors and microchips with some land for growth. The entire building was already wired for 220V power, with fairly low ceilings and air conditioning already in place. That’s a dream find for moving your shop.

Steven explains that his 2006 Lawson Trooper is still going strong. They’ve modified it to be a simple 4-station press. They use it daily as a simple way to speed through simple orders that are white-flash-white.

Steven, Dalton (production manager) and Matt (logistics master and online stores pro) from Campus Ink walk you through: Why almost everything in the shop is on wheels The workflow they’re going to print and hang in the shop Why they marked their shipping area with giant labels on the ground How quadrants organize their screen room Why they keep their darkroom simple and streamlined How intake and shipping work in their shop (with Printavo) A super cool browser extension that makes counting garments in a little bit easier (It's called Web Paint, you can download it here: Campus Ink is an amazing shop that’s hyper-focused on improving and building something better. It was a real treat to get to look inside their operation and see how they’re growing, learning, and expanding. #screenprintlife #printlife #uofi #illinois #dtg #screenprinting #printshop

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