We doubled our Student Designer Team!

We are continually expanding our team. Campus Ink has expanded from 6 campuses to 23 campuses! And we've grown our team from 55 students to 125 students. 


Our team has continued to grow over the past year. 

We are so grateful for all of the Student Designers on our more established campuses like University of Illinois, Illinois State University and Southern Illinois State University. But, over the last year we've grown and launched Student Designer teams on  new campuses campuses like Florida Atlantic University, Northern Arizona University and University of Florida. Through both word of mouth and traditional recruiting, our Team of Student Design + Sales Directors helped our already solid group of Student Designers double in size. 


Thank you to all of the original Student Designer team members for creating such an amazing work environment, and fostering the ability for us to expand. Say hello and welcome to our new team members! 


  • Reese Wyatt - Florida Atlantic University
  • Maggie Murphy - UF
  • Brock Thibodeaux - University of Oklahoma
  • Noah Conklin - University of Oregon
  • Jill Mathison - Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Colleen Claffy - University of Iowa
  • Gavin McQuillan - Iowa State
  • Michelle Jiang - Iowa State University
  • Makenna Mason - Iowa State University
  • Camryn Wisniewski - LSU
  • Aine Neithardt-Smith - Northern Arizona University
  • Kaitlyn Koester - University of Iowa
  • Mac Roberts - Northern Arizona University
  • Layne Sharp - Mississippi State University
  • Grace Ramatici - San Diego State
  • Sammy Syracuse - University of Iowa
  • Abby Cramond - Louisiana State University
  • Caroline McCool - Saint Louis University
  • CJ Owen - University of Virginia
  • Ian Watson - Western Carolina University
  • Khai Brown - Missouri S&T
  • Christopher Lund - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Matan Lazar - Wisconsin-Madison
  • Emily Cook - UW-Madison
  • Sophia Pomrening - University of Missouri- Columbia
  • Grace Risinger - Bucknell University


Interested in joining the team? Head to this link to fill out an application!

Careers: https://www.campus.ink/pages/student-designers


Learn more about the Student Designer role here:



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