Meet the Team: Sean Ellenby, Lead Marketing and Communications Manager for NIL

Get to know Sean Ellenby

I’m a proud University of Maryland graduate set to marry my fiance, Kassidy, in June! We have a two-year-old dog named Truman who is extremely handsome!

Position / Job Title: 

Manager, Marketing & Communications - NIL

Summary of Job Title: 

I am charged with leading the marketing and communications efforts of our rapidly expanding Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) sector, while advancing the overall brands of both Campus Ink and our signed student-athletes.

What you’re most excited to do at Campus Ink? 

I am most excited to build meaningful relationships with our student-athletes and find creative ways to collaborate on building their personal brands. 

Where are you from? 

I am from Baltimore, Md. I lived in Baltimore City for the last 8 years and have basically lived in Maryland my entire life.

What was your previous career? 

I have spent my entire career working in the PR world of college sports, having been the PR director for University of Maryland men’s basketball for the last four years. 

For years I talked to our athletes about using their platform to build their brands, so they could make as much money as possible once they left college. Now, NIL is here! So much of what I was doing before NIL translates into the new world of college athletics and I am really excited for the new adventure.

Where do you work from (remote or office): 

I prefer the office. I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being around co-workers and the creative ideas that often arise as a result. I also don’t have internet in my house yet which is a problem because of March Madness…

What is your favorite part about Chicago:

 I’ve enjoyed being able to bike to work. I’m used to my 45-minute commute at my old job, so it has been refreshing to cruise on a Divvy. I also fully realize that I moved at the right time of the year for biking!

Favorite restaurant in Chicago:

I haven’t been to many yet, but Tortello and Parlor Pizza have both been great in Wicker Park.


I like watching sports, running, playing soccer and hanging out with friends at breweries/bars.

A surprising fact about yourself: 

My family traveled to Minneapolis to see the Eagles win the Super Bowl in 2017!

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