What is a Sublimated Embroidery Patch?

What is a Sublimated Embroidery Patch?

A sublimated embroidery patch is also known as a clothing patch which is a piece of embroidery that is created by using a fabric back and a thread. It is a small adhesive fabric that can be ironed or stitched onto apparel. Embroidery is a unique way to decorate apparel and add a more detailed look.

In comparison to patch embroidery, there is direct embroidery which involves applying the design directly onto the apparel. Patch embroidery is different because it is not directly embroidered onto the apparel item, instead it is embroidered on top of a separate fabric that is then sewed or stitched on to the apparel. 

What type of apparel are they good on?

Cotton items work best for patches. However, you can place patches on anything that you want to show a certain logo like hats, t-shirts, jerseys and more. 

Our Phi Delta Theta patches are perfect to add a greater dimension for apparel like zip-ups, hats or anything wanted to represent your chapter!

Custom Designs

We use customized patches to achieve a more detailed finished product. Embroidery patches are more stable because they are created on a patch rather than on a piece of cloth.

Let Campus Ink take your favorite product to the next level by adding your own custom embroidery patch!


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