What Your Apparel Order Says About You

What Your Apparel Order Says About You?

1. The Trucker Hat (https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/valucap/vc700?color=white_royal)

You're either a trendy sorority girl or you actually enjoy trucks and fishing. There's just no inbetween.

2. Comfort Colors T-shirt (https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/comfort_colors/1717#mz-expanded-view-1253565996679)

You're trustworthy. You value the importance of quality t-shirts and can never miss a social event.

3. Gildan Zip-up (https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/gildan/18600)

You're prepared for anything and always thinking one step ahead. You also would wanna show off your cute fit rather than hiding it with a hoodie

4. Independent Trading Co. Crewneck (https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/independent_trading_co/prm3500)

You never have a bad hair day. You'd prefer to be "comfy cute" rather than just "comfy" you know?

5. Jerzees Sweatpants (https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/jerzees/973mr)

You honestly didn't mind quarantine. You are a very chill person, however you want to cancel yoga pants. 


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