Where Are They Now: Alaina Schneider

Alaina Schneider
Through their work as Campus Ink designers, our students form exceptional skills for their future careers. This week we are going to take a look at Alaina Schneider. She is one of our first student designers and she helped pave the way for the program we see today. She has exceptional skills in her field and is doing great things with her post grad life.

Name: Alaina Schneider

Age: 23

College: The University of Illinois 

Year graduated college: 2018

Major in college: Industrial Design

When did you become a student designer? In February of my sophomore year.

How did you get hired? A few of my design friends worked there and thought I would enjoy it. (Aka they did sick shit and I wanted IN)

What was it like being a Student Designer? It was tons of fun, but also a huge learning experience. You learn a lot about social, professional, and personal relationships.

What were some of your favorite aspects of the job? I got to meet a lot of new people and make connections I otherwise would have never made. Our campus social outreach events were always a fun part of the job. Also, how could I forget, I got to become best friends with everyone who worked there. (Still friends after college #nofakefriends)

What was your favorite design you did as a student designer? Attach pictures if you have them. My favorite design I did as a student designer was probably my dad squad or lucky strike bowling design.

What are you doing now? Now, I am a Designer for Navistar Inc.

How did you get to that spot? They found me on linked in and were interested in my experience, skills, and portfolio. 

What are the main things you learned while being a student designer? Your biggest takeaways from the position. BE ORGANIZED. It will bite you in the ass in not only your work but also your relationships. 

How did your position as a student designer prepare you for your current job? I learned how to work well with difficult people and people who I didn’t like or they didn’t like me. It’s so important to know how to remain professional even when there is tension.

What are you biggest pieces of advice for other student designers? Take risks and don’t be afraid to tell the client what they want. They 99.9% of the time don’t know exactly what they want, so tell them. They don’t know what looks good. You do. So tell them. Take control of your business. Don’t let your business control you.

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