Why Procreate is One of the Best Apps for Creating

The Journey of Learning Procreate with Nolan Ray

Nolan Ray is an Advertising and Public Relations major at the University of Nebraska. His passion for drawing started at a young age so when Procreate started gaining popularity using it, just made sense. 

Follow along for Nolan’s favorite tips and tricks for using Procreate. 

The Versatility 

“There is no path you have to take when using that app,” Nolan says his favorite thing about using Procreate is the versatility. Whatever style of art you are creating, Procreate is adaptable and has many different options to cater to your style. There are endless amounts of tools, brushes, and color palettes to use in the app. 

Just Start

Nolan’s favorite tip to share is “just mess around with it”. He shares how he would struggle in the beginning stages of learning because the end result may not have turned out exactly how he wanted, and maneuvering the software and different tools, took a while to learn. But being willing to fail and try different styles is where you will find your style. 

Learn Different Styles

Throughout the learning process, watch different YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram tutorials to find what works best for you. Nolan says, “throughout exploring different styles, I picked up different tips and tricks along the way that sneak into your style,” He feels well-versed in the different styles and is able to create different pieces depending on what he is creating.

Transitioning from Paper to iPad

Nolan says his best purchase to help his Procreate journey has been his hand sleeve, designed for graphic designers. It slips over your last three fingers so that your hand can glide smoothly across the screen without creating smudges. Matte screen protectors also create a paper-like effect that can help the transition as well. 

Break it Down

When beginning to try drawing bigger pieces, break them down. Try to look at the picture as individual lines and shapes instead of the whole image. Continue to practice until you get a hang of this type of drawing. Nolan says, “it took me hours and hours of practice, but it is worth it in the end.”

Anyone Can Do It

“A lot of people think if they didn’t learn to draw when they were younger they never will be able to.” - Nolan. He believes anyone can create and become an artist if they have the passion and motivation to take the time to learn and create. 

We hope Nolan’s tips and tricks have helped you and inspired you to start creating. Follow @campus.ink on Instagram for more design tips and tricks!

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