Design. Brand. People.

We teach design, develop brands, and value people.

Why we do it.

We love watching our customers bring their design dreams to reality. Generations of experience built by personal relationships to make every customer experience special.

Every business knows what they do. We start with the why.

Printing since 1947.

That's right. Over 70 years and 3 generation of experience in Champaign, IL making products for our customers both locally and nationally. Our passion runs deep.

Inspired by our students.

Our student designers keep us young. Their creativity and energy help drive innovation through Campus Ink. Learn more about our Student Designer Program here.

Our Story

Ep. 1 | Our Roots: The story behind Campus Ink. Tom Coleman and Jedd Swisher had a successful printing company on the University of Illinois campus. Nearing retirement two, 55-year-olds did not think they would want to grow the business. That all changed in 2015.

Ep. 2 | Reinventing the Brand: Summer 2017 we hired one of our college student employees to rebrand our business and thus "Campus Sportswear" became "Campus Ink". "When I started with the company, which was then "Campus Sportswear", I noticed right away that the brand was fairly outdated and definitely look like a small family-owned operation - and pretty quickly I realized that that was not the ambitions of the company moving forward." - Jeff Urbahn

Ep. 3 | Expanding the Company: April of 2018, we were told we would have to be out of our building. Basically, the land got sold and it has been a deal that's been going on for several years and we would have to vacate. It was actually a blessing in disguise because it forced us to step on the gas, find a new place and scale this business.