Finishing Policies


We "Bag & Tag" all orders from online stores. This means that each order placed by a customer on .your link will receive their order individually bagged with their name on it - so theirs no confusion when handing out your apparel. Please allow 1 business day for this on-top of our standard turnaround time.

Our Policies:

Bag & Tag Policies

Vinyl Personalization


Bag & Tag Policies

Turnaround Time: 1 Business Day

Bag & Tag (Bulk Orders): +$1.50

Bag & Tag (Bulk Orders): .csv or excel file required with customers info

Bag & Tag (Online Store): No extra cost

Individual Folding: +$.50

Size Sticker: +$.25

Vinyl Personalization

Vinyl letters are used to customize apparel with nicknames and numbers

Character limit: 16 characters

Name size: Characters are 2" tall

Number size: Characters 6" tall

Font: stahls varsity pro narrow font and do no not allow custom fonts for nicknames

Online store: Request a custom checkout field for personalization

Bulk orders: Supply .doc, .csv or .xls files with team info.