Campus Ink Design Academy

Design Academy is a YouTube series created by Jeff Urbahn at Campus Ink to help student designers, or anyone for that matter, get better at using Adobe Illustrator. Below is a break down of each video and what they cover.

001 Design Academy | Opening Adobe Illustrator for the First Time

In this video, Jeff goes over the very first basics of Illustrator, how to open a new project and just overall navigation of the program and its tools.

002 Design Academy | What is a Vector & Why is it Important

In this video, Jeff talks about the difference between vector graphics and raster graphics. His explanation talks about how raster graphics are typically files such as png, jpg, etc. These graphics are made of pixels, so when they are scaled, especially zoomed in, they become blurry and pixelated. Vector graphics on the other hand are made of, according to the video, mathematical equations that scale the graphics infinitely, so when you zoom in, it never gets blurry or pixelated. Vectors are much better to use as a general rule, especially when it comes to screen printing!

003 Design Academy | Adobe Illustrator Artboards & Why We Use Them

In this video, Jeff goes over artboards within Illustrator and what their purpose is. Artboards are used to help separate different pieces of art while being able to keep them in the same Illustrator file. This is especially helpful when making mock ups for screen printing because it can keep the pieces separated but you can export them individually.

004 Design Academy | Adobe Illustrator Artboards & Why You Should Use Them

This video goes over the importance of layers within an artboard. Layers are extremely important to the Illustrator process, especially if you are creating a particularly complex piece. When you get to a point where you have multiple vectors or shapes on your artboard, layers help separate them so you can place one behind the other, lock certain layers, and have overall better organization of your artboard.

005 Design Academy | Learn the Type Tool for Adobe Illustrator

In this video, Jeff gives a tutorial on how to use the type tool. While this tool is generally pretty straight forward, mastering it is extremely important and when it comes to screen printing, it is arguably the most important tool.

006 Design Academy | How to Use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator

The focus of this video is how to use the pen tool. The pen tool is one in Illustrator that is often forgotten by designers, mostly because it is so difficult to use. While it is a very confusing tool that takes some real time to learn, if you, as a designer, can master the pen tool, it can be extremely valuable. The pen tool helps designers create weird shapes that still look clean and not hand drawn. It is worth learning the pen tool!

007 Design Academy | Design Using Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

In this video, Jeff covers the shape tool and how to use its different functions. The shape tool is extremely helpful in just about any design you want to make. Many designs made on Illustrator can usually be broken down into basic shapes made with the shape tool and edited with the pathfinder tool. The shape tool has a lot of different functions and ways to make different shapes.

008 Design Academy | How to Use the Shape Builder Tool in Adobe Illustrator

This video is focused on the shape builder tool. This tool is helpful when you want to make a design out of shapes that may not be "basic" or may be a combination of two or more basic shapes. The shape builder tool can help designers create abstract shapes that are still proportional and look clean.

009 Design Academy | Using Strokes & Fills in Adobe Illustrator

This video teaches you the difference between stroke and fill, and when and how to use them. These two tools are pretty easy to use and aren't very complex. The stroke outlines your vector with a stroke of whatever size and color you choose. The fill tool fills your vector with whatever color you decide.

010 Design Academy | How to Use the Eyedropper Tool

This video teaches you how to use the eyedropper tool. The eyedropper tool is extremely helpful when coloring things, especially if it's based off of something. This tool allows you to click on any object on your screen and it will match that color in Illustrator.

011 Design Academy | How to Use the Selection Tools

In this tutorial, Jeff covers the difference between the selection tool and the direct selection tool as well as how and when to use them. The selection tool is used for basic selecting and navigating. The direct selection tool is used for more complex selections. This tool allows you to manipulate shapes in more "free" way. You can expand certain sides of shapes and make abstract shapes, you can also select a single side of a shape instead of selecting the whole shape.

012 Design Academy | Keyboard Shortcuts & Illustrator Tricks

In this video, Jeff covers Illustrator keyboard shortcuts. While shortcuts are not necessary, they are extremely helpful in designing efficiently. There are countless keyboard shortcuts and Googling them is usually the best way to learn them. They are very useful and can help you navigate your art much more quickly.

013 Design Academy | How to Place Images Into Adobe Illustrator

This video is focused on placing images into Illustrator. This function is pretty straight forward and self explanatory. Placing images into Illustrator is helpful if you are using an image in your design or you want to create something based off of an image.

014 Design Academy | How to Scale Strokes

In this video, Jeff goes over how to scale strokes. Scaling strokes is helpful to make sure that your stroke lines scale to match the size of whatever you're changing the size of. You can toggle whether or not strokes scale in your Illustrator preferences. If scale is off, the stroke will stay the same width regardless of resizing the shape.

015 Design Academy | How to Use Swatches in Adobe Illustrator

Jeff covers swatches and how to use them in this video. Swatches are a way to save specific colors to your swatch library so you don't have to create it on the color wheel when you want to use it. You can download swatch libraries and toggle specific ones in your Illustrator settings.

016 Design Academy | How to Warp Texts and Objects

This video goes over how to warp words and objects in Illustrator. The warp tool is very helpful to give your designs a little more uniqueness. Warping text is helpful if you want to have your text go around an object or just give it some movement. Warping shapes is helpful in making more unique shapes.

017 Design Academy | How to Expand Text and Objects

In this video, Jeff teaches you how to affect text and objects by expanding. This can be extremely useful when making custom logos or designs. The expansion is done by using the direct selection tool and dragging.

018 Design Academy | How to Work Quicker and Cleaner With Guides and Align

This video teaches you how to design and work more efficiently overall as well as how to quickly align shapes, objects and text using the align tool. The align tool has many features, much more than your basic align tools in Microsoft Word. You can align things where you want as well as distribute space between objects and much more. Guides are very helpful when you are trying to align something that may not be able to be aligned using the align tool.

019 Design Academy | What, Why, and How to Use File Types Basics

This video covers file types as well as file naming and basic tips for this. File naming and organization is extremely important in design. It may not seem like something that matters at first, but as you make and save more and more designs, naming and organizing becomes very important in navigating your files and designs. Knowing which file type to use is also extremely important because certain platforms require designs to be exported as specific file types.

020 Design Academy | How to Use Type on Path Tool

In this video, Jeff teaches you the basics of typing on a path and the tool itself. Typing on a path can be confusing sometimes but is very helpful, especially when creating designs that will be on apparel. Type on a path allows you to wrap text around certain shapes as well as make shapes out of text. You can also type vertically and in other directions using this tool.

021 Design Academy | How to Rotate and Reflect

This video teaches you how to rotate and reflect objects in Illustrator. While these are pretty basic tools, they can be very useful when creating designs. Rotating objects and text is pretty self-explanatory, it allows you to rotate things however much you want. The reflect tool is very helpful if you want to mirror an object or text without having to recreate it and try to line it up, it will just reflect it perfectly for you.