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Professional products for your employees, customers and marketing efforts.

Meet your new sidekick

We're here to find the right products to customize for your company. From hoodies to water bottles, we'll be sure your company and your clients will have products that they'll love and your company branding decorated on it professionally.

Your one-stop-shop for custom company goods.

Host online stores for your company to sell merch

Print on premium retail brand tees, sweatshirts, pants and more.

Embroider your logo on polos, jackets and hats

Custom promotional products range from signs and banners to backpacks and water bottles.

Why Campus Ink?

With over 70 years of experience in custom decoration, we are a trusted source for corporate products. We curate our top selling products so that your company can feel safe ordering sure-fire winners every time.

How can I order with Campus Ink?

Design on our website

Pick one of our top products and use our "start order" form to get in touch with our team.

Work w/ Brand Manager

We'll pair you up with a brand manager who will help make sure your orders go smoothly for all your events.


We make re-orders easy for our corporate clients. Just log on to your account and click "re-order".

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