Host your

Chapter Store

with Campus Ink

How it works

  1. Work with your student designer to decide what products and design you would like to host.
  2. Send out your private online store link to your house.
  3. We collect and organize all the order info, sizes, payments for you.
  4. We deliver your orders individually bagged and tagged by customer so it's easy to hand-out come delivery day!

What our customers love...

Bag and tag! The stress of filing through a box of shirts and checking off a sheet of names is history.

No more, "I'll venmo you dude!"

"I swore I asked for one.."

"Hey, someone took my shirt".

Philanthropy Events

Looking to raise money for your philanthropy?

We make it easy. Just ask your sales rep to add a certain amount to your price so that you can donate it to your cause.

(Ex: Your sales rep says a t-shirt will cost $12 on your store. You can add $5 for fundraising. Sell the shirt at $17 and $5 of every t-shirt sale will be donated to your group!

This is how we do it!