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Are you a college student looking to develop design, sales, marketing and management skills? Learn from industry professionals & work with customers to grow your resume and earn money.

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Job Description

The Campus Ink Student Designer Program

  • Design, market and sell apparel to different clubs and organizations across their campus.
  • Go through training in design, sales, customer relationships and marketing.
  • Be the face of Campus Ink at your school.

Who we are

The Campus Ink Student Designer Program

  • Designed and ran by college grads who created their own t-shirt business' while in school
  • Weekly meetings developing design, sales, marketing, management skills

You may be wondering...

Does this job require design experience?

Although some of our designers come to us with Adobe design experience, many learn quickly on the job through our training program, weekly meetings and working with students on campus on new orders.

Does this job pay?


Yes. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit in our students. You are paid commission off of the orders you work on. This being said, we expect our students to be committed to their clients and committed to learning design.

What is the time commitment?

This job has the perks of working remotely and allows you to control your own schedule. As a college student, school work comes first. You can work 10 hours one week, 2 hours the next - it's up to you!