Online Store Policies


The method of placing your order by hosting a link for your members to purchase from. We collect payment, sizes and customer info for you.

Our Policies:




Basic rules

Hosting Time: 3 Days - 2 Weeks

Turnaround Time: Delivered within 7-14 days of online store closing.

Order Cancellations: Incorrect orders must be cancelled >1 days before link closes.

Minimums: We require 24 pieces to be printed per design. If a store does not meet minimums the product that does not hit minimums is refunded immediately.

Maximum: A design may only be placed on 3 products. A design consists of the same placement and ink colors. Once that changes, it is considered a new design.

Add Ons: No manual add ons can be made once the store closes.

Fundraising: Fundraising prices must be pre-determined with your representatives. A 6% fee is charged for fundraising and will be taken from total amount. Please fill out this form  to receive your payment. Fundraising amounts are credited to outstanding balances before any payment is issued to your group or organization.


Vinyl letters are used to customize apparel with nicknames and numbers

Place an order with incorrect details (size, quantity, etc.)? If possible, prior to the online store closing, we will cancel the initial order, and ask you to re-submit it.

Minimum: 24 orders per design

If store does not hit minimum the store is refunded immediately. We do not extend stores for any late additions, or if minimums were not hit.

Late submissions: NO manual add ons can be made after the store closes.